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Chiropody Services

Initial Consultation :

Includes an initial consultation, introduction and assessment on your feet for circulation and sensation. A medical history will be taken so we can formulate a plan to help. This is all inclusive for each to make you comfortable and to walk with ease – £28

Routine Chiropody Treatment :

This treatment includes an initial consultation, introduction and assessment on your feet for circulation and sensation. A medical history will be taken. Full chiropody treatment includes nail reduction, nail cut and file, removal of callouses, removal of corns, foot file, pre and post treatment antiseptic spray and to finish off foot cream and massage – £28

Toe and Finger Nail Cutting Service : 

Toe nail cut and file, foot file, pre and post treatment antiseptic spray, foot cream and massage. Finger nail cut and file, antiseptic spray – £24

Toe Nail Cutting Service :

Toe nail cut and filed, antiseptic spray, foot file, creamed and foot massage – £18

Finger Nail Cutting Service :

Cut and files finger nails and antiseptic spray – £6

Corn Removal Treatment :

Corn or numerous corns removed, padding provided if required. Antiseptic spray. Inclusive of toe nail out and file, foot file cream and foot massage – £28

Verruca Treatment : 

Initial consultation taking a full medical history allowing us to formulate a treatment plan. Treatment with 75% silver nitrate, cryotherapy or Salicylic acid – £28

Verruca Follow-up Treatment : 

A 10-15 minute appointment to retreat verruca’s, normally repeated between 2-4 weekly intervals upon chiropodist advice – £18

Ingrown Toe Nails :

Ingrown or involuted nails growing into the sides of the skin, cause great discomfort when walking. The treatment includes the removal of the offending nail or nails, dressed after treatment if required, nails cut and filed – £28

Fungal Nail Treatment :

Nails can thicken due to fungal nails which can cause pain or discomfort when walking, and also discolour. To ease the discomfort the nail is reduced which allows the fungal nail treatment to penetrate effectively through the thickened nail. Nails are cut out at the sides if there is any undue pressure. Treated with our specialist fungal nail treatment, Mykrored – £28

Heel Pain Treatment :

Initial consultation, medical history, nails cut and filed, antiseptic pre and post treatment, advice on how to treat heel pain, and an exercise plan given. Providing these are followed as advised the pain will gradually improve and eventually clear fully. For a more hands on approach to feeling with the pain see our sports therapy services – £25 

Diabetic Patients : 

All our diabetic patients have a six monthly diabetic check for circulation and sensation. We report these back to the patient, which can then be relayed to their GP or a GP referral made if necessary. Inclusive of the patient routine chiropody treatment – £28

Home Visit Chiropody Appointments :

Some patients, or family of our patients, are unable to make the journey into the chiropody surgery, we can offer our home visiting service with reappointment, usually in a 6-8 week period – £35

Chiropody treatment and finger nail cutting home visit service – £50

Toe nail cutting home visit service – £20

Included in our specialist service are corporate well-being packages (Prices to be discussed according to which package is required)

PLEASE NOTE: All treatments receive aftercare advice as a standard procedure

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